River Bend Farm Market    
Townshend, VT

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River Bend Farm Market 
We do our best to provide a very wide selection of the top selling grocery products available from our suppliers. Are you shopping on a budget? We can help! Looking to shop organic? We have a wide variety of products throughout the store! Do you have special dietary shopping requirements, such as gluten, sugar or other ingredient free products? If you don't find items that fit your needs in most categories, please let us know and we will be happy to help if we can!
A large and varied wine selection
Gasoline and Diesel Fuel
and free air
​You will find many  Vermont products throughout the store from local companies, including Thomas' Dairy, Grafton Cheese, Wilcox Ice Cream, Corse Maple Farm, Grandma Miller's Pies and Pastries, and even beer and wines.
Health & beauty products